SMART Marketing - 7 Easy Steps To More Sales

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"SMART Marketing" is Teik Oh's popular book on his simple 7 step process to create and implement a focused and highly targeted marketing plan for your business.

Told as a story of two young entrepreneurs rather than a dry text book, their mentor takes them (and you) through a 7 step process to increase their sales without pain and expensive consultants.

Follow them:

  • identify their real product, not the one they think they sell;
  • identify their target market made up of groups of people ready to buy;
  • match their business model to the messages and promises they make to meet customer needs;
  • use their selling price as a marketing tool;
  • identify the marketing activities most suited to providing their messages to their target customers;
  • develop their diarised campaign;
  • implement and introduce accountability systems.

Simon Hooker

// Founding Partner, The Natural Health Centre, UK

“This is a really good step-by-step guide to marketing for SME's. I liked the suggestion to look at the business "from the outside-in" because we may know our product "inside-out" but what does the customer see?”

Kevin Fong

// Managing Director, Goolarri Media, Australia

“This is the kind of clear, pragmatic product we can put to use straight away.”

Terry O'Kane

// Co-owner, Anderssen's FlaxRolls Co, Canada

“Basically by completeing the chapters and worksheets, a very effective marketing plan has been created. Great job!”

Get the accompanying Workbook


"The SMART Marketing Workbook" is the accompanying workbook to "SMART Marketing - 7 Easy Steps To More Sales."

Get this workbook that provides full-size templates for all the workshop exercises, along with helpful hints on how to put the SMART Markjeting process into action, and a bonus section on how to tweak three factors to leverage the effect on your total sales.