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A step-by-step guide to creating your unique focused and highly targeted marketing plan

Guides, templates and systems to create your SMART Marketing Plan

This is the companion workbook to Teik Oh's popular book "SMART Marketing - 7 Easy Steps To More Sales>"

The workbook provides all the tools and templates you need to organise your own brainstorming sessions to work through the SMART Marketing 7 step process:-

  • Identify your real product
  • Identify your real customer
  • Match your resources to their requirements
  • Your selling price as a marketing factor
  • Identify your marketing activities
  • develop your action plan
  • finalise and implement

Simon Hooker

// Founding Partner, The Natural Health Centre, UK

“Good workshop style exercises that bring out all the important information, encouraging brainstorming, and provide a good, simple format for drawing conclusions.”

Jeannine Fuller

// Owner, Showcase International, Australia

“In my startup business, I really needed to hit the ground running, and this series of workshops provided me with the opportunity to do just that. I was able to target the right customers my product suited and start selling on day one.”

Lee Kok Kheng

// Entrepreneur, Malaysia

“I was able to complete my marketing plan and use the bonus three strategies immdeiately after.”

Don't forget to check out "SMART Marketing - 7 Easy Steps To More Sales"

In the companion book to this workbook, Teik Oh uses the story of two entrepreneurs creating their marketing plan with the help of their SMART Marketing mentor.

This is not a dry textbook but an adventure story on how to use the templates and processes provided in the workbook!